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Rare Image of Amisha Patel Topless for Times Interview

Some friends have let you down. Do you regret any relationships now?

None at all. I know there are some mistakes I’ve made in some decisions. But it’s okay. I’ve learned from every one of them. And as far as my relationships and friendships are concerned, I haven’t regretted a day of anything.

Don’t look now, but Ameesha is changing — from cutie-next-door to hot new sizzler! So why not do a hot-hot, full-fledged role, rather than just an item song (Lazy Lamhe)?

I guess I was testing the waters. I played a dumb bimbette, whose only interest in life is to be fashionable. It was a brand new avatar I had to present. Remember, I was this demure Gadar girl that you take home to your parents. A sweet, salwar kameez-wearing girl. And my audiences liked me like that. I had to change to see whether I fitted in and whether I’d be accepted as a hottie. I was scared to completely take on a full fledged hot role. Today I’m confident to take on any sizzling avatar.

How did you find true love with Kanav?

Kanav is from London. He’s a hotelier and shuttles between Delhi and London. On one of his business trips, I met him through a common friend. We had coffee over casual conversation. Then about seven-eight months later, we bumped into each other again when I went into Delhi, and we just clicked. We exchanged telephone numbers and that was it. We realised there was a hell of a lot of chemistry happening here and we’ve never looked back.

Who was more intense and which of the two, more romantic?

There is a huge amount of intensity between us. In every which way. I mean, physically, emotionally, personally. Surprisingly, for a guy, he’s actually very romantic and very caring and realises little-little things, and does the little things that make all the difference. That doesn’t just mean taking me on great holidays or giving me great gifts. All that is, actually, easier to do. It’s the little things that matter, that you have the depth to understand and give to that person.